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Which Tool Setting Methods Are Generally Used In Machining Centers?

Sep. 29, 2019

Find here details of Aluminum CNC Turning on our website. Today we would like to talk about which tool setting methods are generally used in machining centers.

The machining center has a very important step in the process of using it, that is, the knife. There are several methods of tool setting in the machining center. Each type of tooling method needs to pay attention to different problems. You can learn some related knowledge according to several commonly used tool setting methods. The following is an introduction to the machining center tool setting method.

After the tool is installed, the machining center first performs a tool setting to determine the starting point position before executing the machining program. The tool setting is often a headache for the operator (economical CNC non-self-testing device), which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially when multi-tool machining is required. Usually, the commonly used tool setting methods are shared by Custom Extrusion Manufacturer:

Aluminum CNC Turning

Aluminum CNC Turning

Jog tool setting:

Press and hold the jog key on the control panel of the machining center to touch the surface of the workpiece (two times in both directions of X and Z), the counter is cleared, and then retracted to the initial position to be set (X , Z design initial value), and then clear to get the initial position of the knife. The initial position of each knife is determined in turn, and then adjusted to the exact design position (starting point) after trial processing. This method can be operated without any aids, but it takes a long time, especially if it is re-adjusted once every time the tool is ground.

This method is suitable for simple processes or initial installation and commissioning.

The machining center adopts a self-test device for the tool setting instrument selected by the knife-tool method. However, the operation is complicated and it still takes a certain preparation time. Suitable for multi-tool measurement.

Using CNC tools:

After the initial positioning of the tool in the machining center, it will wear after a period of cutting and need to be sharpened. When the ordinary tool is re-installed after sharpening, the position of the tool tip changes and needs to be re-aligned. The characteristics of the CNC tool is that the tool manufacturing precision is high. The repeating positioning accuracy after the indexing of the blade is about 0.02mm, which greatly reduces the tool setting time. At the same time, the surface of the blade is coated with wear-resistant layer (SiC, TiC, etc.) to make it durable. The degree is greatly improved (3 to 5 times), but the cost is higher.

Self-made knife block method:

It is easy to realize the repeated positioning after the sharpening of the tool by using plastic, plexiglass, etc., but the positioning accuracy is poor, usually 0.2-0.5mm, but it is still a fast positioning method. It will be very convenient soon.

These are all kinds of tool-setting methods that people often use when using the machining center. I hope that you will not have problems or troubles in the future use.

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