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Pps Application

Apr. 15, 2019

Today we Aluminum Cnc Turning Factory to come to summarize Pps Application.

PPS application

Aluminum Cnc Turning Parts Services

This product is widely used in aerospace, chemical, electronic appliances, machinery, automotive and other industries to produce high-strength, high-temperature, insulating high-performance requirements for the aviation industry; production of anti-corrosion devices, corrosion-resistant Valves, insulation devices, etc.; manufacture of precision electrical connectors, high-strength housings, high-temperature contactors, etc.; manufacture of harsh motor parts and terminals; manufacture of vaporizers, distributors, igniters, sliders with high temperature resistance and precise dimensions , brake system solenoid valve, gear, thermocouple, piston ring. Make high-end hot air cylinders, curling irons, hair irons, coffee pots. Suitable for secondary processing. Machinery: pump casing, pump wheel, valve, fan, flowmeter components, flanges, universal heads, etc. Automobiles: igniters, clutches, transmissions, gearboxes, bearing brackets, exhaust system components. Household appliances: protective coatings and parts for hot air cylinders, hair curlers, hair dryers, hair irons, rice cookers, etc.

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