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How To Improve The Quality Of CNC Machining Parts?

Jan. 06, 2020

CNC machining refers to the method of machining parts on CNC machine tools. Generally speaking, the technological processes of CNC machining and traditional machine tool machining are consistent, but significant changes have also occurred. Machining method that uses digital information to control part and tool displacement. CNC machining is an effective way to solve the problems of multiple parts, small batches, complex shapes, and high precision, and to achieve efficient automatic processing.

CNC machining is a process in which the control system issues instructions to make the tool make various movements that meet the requirements. The technical requirements, such as the shape and size of the workpiece and the requirements of the CNC Parts Processing process, are expressed in the form of numbers and letters. The CNC processing quality is stable, the surface texture of the finished product is clear, the metal texture is firm, smooth and flat, without scratches and edges, and the resistance of the heat dissipation coefficient of the raw material is small, and it will not change with the CNC processing. CNC machining integrates milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting into one, making it equipped with a variety of processing methods. The machining center is equipped with a tool magazine, which stores various numbers of various tools or inspection tools, and is automatically selected and replaced by the program during the processing. CNC machining can automatically select and replace tools, automatically change auxiliary functions such as spindle speed, feed speed, and tool trajectory relative to the workpiece, and complete multiple processes in sequence on several surfaces of the workpiece, with a variety of tool changes Or tool selection function.

The concentration of the CNC machining process and automatic tool change reduces the time for workpiece clamping, measurement, and machine tool adjustment. At the same time, it also reduces the time for workpiece turnover, handling and storage between processes, shortens the production cycle, and has obvious economic benefits. The machining center is suitable for small and medium batch production with complex parts, high precision requirements and frequent product replacement.

In the case of multi-variety and small-batch production, the CNC machining quality is stable and the production efficiency is high. It can reduce the time for production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time due to the use of the optimal cutting amount. It is difficult to process traditional methods. Machining complex profiles, and even machining parts that cannot be observed.

CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

So how to improve the quality of CNC machining workpieces? Next, the Aluminum CNC Turning Factory will tell you.

1. Before CNC machining, please use the calibrator to check whether the tool is swinging within the allowable tolerance range. Before processing, the blade and locking nozzle should be blown clean with an air gun, or wiped with a cloth to install the knife. Accuracy and quality have some impact.

2. The program list of CNC processing files should be normalized, including model, name, program name, processing content, tool size, feed amount, especially the safe length of the tool holder, the reserved margin of each program, and the indicator light.

3. The CNC machining program list should be consistent with the reference angle direction indicated by the mold, and then check the upper 3D drawing.

4. Before processing, you must understand the content of the CNC machining program. The program must have 2D or 3D maps, and must be labeled with six-sided data, so that the operator can check whether the data is correct after processing, such as when CNC Machined Aluminum Parts.

5. The reasonable use of CNC processing tools should strictly distinguish the processing of steel and copper male light knives. The remaining amount of light knives should be reasonable to make the workpiece's smoothness and the service life of the tools possible.

6. When clamping, please pay attention to whether the name and model of the CNC machining workpiece and the program list are the same, whether the material size matches, whether the clamping height is high enough, and the number of calipers used.

7. CNC machining speed should be strictly controlled by the operator.