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Benelli Huanglong 600 Motorcycle Iv Version Comes Standard With Abs System

Mar. 07, 2019

Here is Vehicle Cnc Machining Manufacturer talking about Benelli Huanglong 600 Motorcycle IV version. 

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The Benelli Huanglong 600, which is the first 4-cylinder street car produced in China, has been on the market for five years and is still the only domestic four-cylinder model. Over time, this controversial model has also introduced the National IV version to adapt to the new environmental policy. The new car is priced at 46,800 yuan and comes standard with the ABS system. The National IV version adds a classic fluorescent green color, and the slabs on both sides have also been slightly modified.

The new car's exterior follows the previous design and has three color schemes. It is powered by a 600cc four-cylinder water-cooled 16-valve engine with a Bosch EFI system. The maximum power is 60 kW (82 Ps) / 11,000 rpm and the maximum torque is 52 Nm / 8000 rpm.

The new car comes standard with ABS, which is very commendable. Consumers have increasingly valued the importance of ABS. This way also caters to market demand. At present, the National IV model has arrived at the dealership, and there are also small discounts for the National III models sold.

Sum Up:

The National IV version of the Huanglong 600 is a small change introduced to adapt to the new emissions. In addition to the board and the standard ABS, all other aspects are basically consistent with the national three models. The five-year-old Huanglong 600 is said to have ushered in a major change in 2020, and this should be what consumers are most looking forward to.

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