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Reasons For Deformation Of Aluminum Turned Parts

Jul. 25, 2019

There are many reasons for the deformation of the aluminum turned parts, which makes Aluminium CNC Work not ideal. 

The deformation of the Aluminum CNC Turning Cutting is related to the material, the shape of the parts, the mechanical equipment, and the performance of the cutting oil. However, it is mainly affected by three factors: force, cutting heat and machine tool accuracy.

Aluminum CNC Turning Cutting

Aluminum CNC Turning Cutting

(1) Force deformation

Under the action of force, the work piece is easily deformed, which affects the dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy of the work piece.

(2) Heat deformation

The heat of cutting causes thermal deformation of the work piece, making the work piece size difficult to grasp.

(3) Vibration deformation

The work piece of the lightweight material is easy to generate vibration under the action of the cutting force of the machine tool, which affects the dimensional a